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Secure storage solutions for every need


Trustworthy archiving and sharing across generations

File and Memories Capsules provide secure long-term storage and selective sharing of important documents and memories through advanced encrypted verification and blockchain verification.


Files Capsules provide secure, blockchain-based storage for essential business documents. With controlled access and audit trails, they ensure compliance with industry regulations, even during company transitions. An ideal solution for businesses to preserve, manage, and access their crucial data anytime with peace of mind.


Memory Capsules by Yourney offer a secure and lasting home for your cherished personal memories, such as photos, videos, and audio recordings. Share these precious digital keepsakes with anyone you choose, anytime, ensuring your life's most beautiful moments can be relived and appreciated indefinitely.


Preserving information for access on your terms

Time Capsules allow for secure long-term archiving and staged publication of sensitive data according to customized owner-defined access permissions and release conditions.

Time Capsules provide a robust solution for individuals and organizations to store sensitive records securely until a predetermined future date. Using high-level encryption and blockchain time-locking, these capsules keep data inaccessible until the specified release conditions are met. Ideal for safekeeping private journals, research materials, or contractual obligations, they ensure secure access without the risk of premature unsealing.


Time Capsules provide a secure means for individuals and organizations to protect digital assets and documents for future release. Perfect for safeguarding any sensitive materials, these vaults ensure confidentiality until the pre-set release date. Upon hitting these milestones, authorized users gain access to the contents. Serving as a reliable method for long-term preservation and delayed access, they respect the owner's original intent.


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